27 W. Stephenson Street Freeport, IL 61032
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Pearl Valley Eggs in Kent is one of Illinois' largest layer farms with 1.1 million hens producing 850-900,000 eggs daily. Composted litter is processed into organic fertilizer that is in high demand for golf courses and other applications.


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Tap into the region's resources — of course, deciding where to grow your business doesn't just depend upon available real estate. It's a big picture that requires many resources for success…resources available in Stephenson County:

  • Strong infrastructure — Close and easy access to all modes of Transportation and centrally located in the U.S. for efficient shipping to every corner of the nation.
  • Diverse and accessible Workforce with a good mix of skills and a strong Midwest work ethic. Our labor region includes surrounding counties within a very reasonable commute.
  • Cost competitive business environment — Surprisingly progressive and reasonably priced Utilities compared to major metropolitan areas.

Delve into the data you need — review our Demographic and Economic Statistics for a detailed profile of the region. Finally, consider the Incentives available to businesses willing to invest here. We think you'll agree that Northwest Illinois is resource-full.


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27 W. Stephenson Street
Freeport, IL 61032
Phone: 815-233-1356
Fax: 815-235-4038
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